Alex Martinez

Advocacy Volunteer Supervisor

My name is Alex Martinez and I’ve been with Resilience since December of 2021. I come from a background in Nursing, but wanted to do something more community focused, that aligned with my values where I could turn my frustration into advocacy. I’ve been an activist and surrounded by Resilience since I was a child so it only felt natural to flourish my career here! I started in 2021 as the Medical Advocacy Coordinator, then transitioned to a Case Management Specialist February of 2023. I’ve sincerely loved this role and have wanted to do more in the organization which is one reason why I felt this AVS role would be a great fit! I truly believe our center would not be able to operate without our incredible volunteers so I’m happy to be able to offer this crucial support and guidance! I struggle with anxiety (especially on call anxiety!) and I know how hard this work can be, so I always try to look at things with an empathy first perspective.

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