Maggie Arthur

Director of Education & Training

Maggie first joined the Resilience Education and Training team as in intern in 2016. She was then hired onto the team in 2018 and promoted to Director of Education and Training in 2021. In addition to facilitating sexual violence prevention education for Resilience, from 2018-2021 Maggie was also the Campaign Coordinator for the Our Music My Body campaign, addressing gender-based violence in the music community.

Prior to joining Resilience, Maggie spent nearly a decade volunteering in support of survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence. She holds a BFA in photography and a BA in journalism from Indiana University as well as a Master of Social Work from UIC’s Jane Addams College of Social Work. Maggie is both a 40-hour certified Domestic Violence Survivor Advocate and a 60-hour certified Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate.

Maggie idolizes Dolly Parton, reads voraciously, listens to heavy metal, relishes in bringing people together, adheres to the principles of disability justice and believes a future without violence is possible.