Stephanie Waller

Supervisor of Advocacy Services

Stephanie (she/her) is the second Supervisor of Advocacy Services at Resilience. Stephanie holds a Masters in Social Work from University of Illinois-Chicago and joined Resilience after working as a program coordinator at La Casa Norte, a housing agency on the West Side of Chicago. Prior to her work in the housing field, Stephanie spent her career advocating alongside survivors as a legal advocate, medical advocate, and coordinator of rape crisis services at a DV/SV agency in Indiana. Stephanie also has experience working in homeless services, supporting incarcerated folks, and as a presenter on topics of transformative justice, community accountability, and inclusive violence prevention and response. Stephanie is passionate about working within her community to end sexual violence and envision a world built on mutual aid, radical self-determination, and transformative justice.

As the Supervisor of Advocacy Services, Stephanie oversees a team of legal and medical staff advocates as they provide support and information to survivors of sexual violence across Chicago. As a supervisor, Stephanie works to see the bigger picture and ensures that we offer information and advocacy through holistic, survivor-centered approaches. This includes trauma-informed assistance with navigating the civil, criminal, medical, educational, and employment-related systems, among others. There are a multitude of options that survivors have, and Stephanie and her team work to inform survivors and advocate for them. Stephanie also works with institutional partners to improve access to safety, remedies and support for survivors.

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