Resilience is partnering with Legal Aid Chicago to provide free comprehensive legal assistance for sexual assault and sexual violence survivors, as a part of the Comprehensive Legal Assistance for Survivors Project (CLASP). Please see details below or check our Facebook for updates about the next free attorney consultation at our office:

Sexual violence can occur in different ways, but know that it’s never your fault. Sexual contact or behavior that happens without your consent and qualifies as sexual violence can include:

  • Unwanted touching or fondling
  • Forced sexual acts
  • Rape or penetration of any kind
  • Attempted acts, even if the attempt is prevented or stopped
  • Jokes or lewd behavior at work or school

Intimidation, manipulation, and humiliation are all non-physical forms of abuse that offenders use to pressure sexual acts.

Legal Aid Chicago offers free comprehensive civil (non-criminal) legal services to survivors of sexual violence, including help with accessing remedies related to personal safety, immigration, housing, employment, public benefits, personal finances, and education. Contact Legal Aid Chicago for legal assistance and information about your legal rights at 312-423-5900.

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