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Remembering Founder Dr. Natalie Stephens As Resilience Turns 50

In 1974 Dr. Natalie Stephens founded Rape Victim Advocates (Resilience) with the support of ten medical and nursing students. Events and Special Projects Manager, Jennifer Zale, sat down with Dr. Stephens’ daughter, Martha Turner, to talk about Resilience’s early years, the evolution of attitudes and support for survivors, and who her mother was as a person.

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Interview with Naihal Almoghrabi

Meet Naihal Almoghrabi, a Resilience Volunteer Medical Advocate, whose unique and critical role requires approaching all survivors by believing them and advocating for their needs and rights.

Dive into our exclusive interview below to gain insight from Naihal, who speaks about our volunteer program, the impact of advocates’ support in hospitals, and the importance of giving back to organizations like Resilience.

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Get to Know Resilience’s Newest Team Members: Exclusive Interviews!

We take pride in celebrating the individuals who strengthen the bonds within our remarkable community, uniting us in our shared mission.

In this month’s feature, we highlight Azisti Y. Dembowski, Director of Finance, Dr. Claudia Garcia-Rojas, Director of Advancement, LaQuita Hearn-Quinn, Advancement Coordinator, and Dr. Jennifer Zale, Events & Special Projects Manager.

Dive into our exclusive interview below to gain insight from these new team members. Learn what inspired them to join Resilience, their aspirations for the future of the organization, and much more.

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