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Meet Alicia Babich, 2020 Resilience Associate Board President

We’re so pleased to welcome our inaugural Resilience Associate Board and our 2020 Associate Board President Alicia Babich! We interviewed Alicia about her connection to the Resilience mission, her vision, and her new role as Associate Board President. Keep reading to learn more about Alicia and click here to read more about the Associate Board.
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AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Chicago, Resilience team up to provide more support to survivors of sexual assault

In an article posted on Ascension’s website on April 11, 2019, Resilience’s new hospital partnership with AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Chicago was announced. You can read the full announcement here:

40-Hour Confidential Advisor Training 7/23/19

Resilience is hosting a 40-hr training for professionals.

To assist area higher education institutions in ensuring compliance with the Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act, Resilience will be offering a 40 hour training specifically designed for Confidential Advisors. Resilience has an extensive history of working with higher education institutions, providing student support, policy consultation, technical assistance, training and prevention education to 13 Chicago area higher education institutions.

We can help you ensure your confidential advisor(s) is appropriately trained.
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The Decision to Enact a Ban on Abortion in Georgia and Alabama is Harmful to Survivors Everywhere


Resilience will always advocate for all people to have full agency over their bodies. Recently there has been an attack on the agency of people with uteruses to control their reproductive freedoms. We believe people should have full control over their sexual and reproductive health, without coercion, misinformation, inaccessibility, or fear. Sexual assault survivors are harmed by anti-abortion legislation. Protecting survivors’ access to safe, decriminalized abortion care services is a necessary and critical healthcare option. We believe there is no world where it is possible to be survivor-centered and deny survivors reproductive choice or where it is possible to protect the consent and autonomy of all individuals and criminalize abortion care services. Being forced to carry a pregnancy from rape to term is a form of torture and should be condemned. Both individuals and entire communities are impacted when choice and self-determination over peoples own bodies are taken away
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Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma: Implications for Service Providers 6/11/19

This training session is designed for a range of professionals who work with survivors of trauma. The content of this training includes; information on the definition, prevalence, and facts on the characteristics of sexual assault and interpersonal violence, functions of brain areas that are involved in responding to traumatic events, how the brain and body respond to traumatic event, the influence of traumatic events on memory processes, common emotional and behavioral responses to trauma, and how to effectively work with trauma survivors. Case studies will be used to support learning of concepts presented, along with video clips and group based discussion. 3 CEUs Offered for LCPC & LCSW Licenses.

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Director of Programs and Public Policy Sarah Layden Interviewed on CBS 2

In a video that aired on CBS 2 on May 3, 2019, Resilience’s Director of Programs and Public Policy Sarah Layden was interviewed about amendments to the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act (SASETA) that require hospitals to partner with a rape crisis center. Kelley Kitley, owner of Serendipitous Psychtherapy, LLC and Featured Speaker at Resilience’s 2018 Evening of Impact, was interviewed about her story of survivorship and her experience with a Resilience advocate.

Strip Joker + Resilience Fundraiser Profiled in Scapi Magazine

In an article published on April 10, 2019 in Scapi Magazine, Resilience was mentioned as a beneficiary of Strip Joker, a body positive comedy show hosted at Hamburger Mary’s. At Strip Joker, stand up comedians are encouraged to perform in whatever state of undress feels best for them and to engage with messages of body positivity. Proceeds from the March 9 Strip Joker show went toward supporting Resilience.