Programs and Services

Whether you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, we’re here to help. All services are free of charge.

Resilience recognizes that sexual violence does not pause during a pandemic. In these unprecedented times, we are doing everything we can to assure that survivors have the support needed to heal. We will continue to be creative and innovative in our efforts to ensure that we’re able to provide client services remotely. Though our environment is ever changing, our commitment to survivors remains unwavering.

Trauma Therapy and Crisis Intervention
Individual Trauma Therapy

  • We provide short term trauma therapy (20 sessions) related to sexual violence, available by telephone and video conferencing. Services are free and confidential, provided by a therapist with specialized training in treating trauma.
  • There may be a waitlist for our free services. To be added to the trauma therapy waitlist please call us at 312-443-9603 or contact us here.

Group Therapy

  • A variety of group therapy and support groups are offered as an opportunity for survivors to connect and learn with their peers. All groups are facilitated by at least one trauma therapist.
  • Staff and interns create groups on a variety of topics for survivors to choose a modality that best suits their healing process.
  • Closed groups meet weekly for 8-10 weeks and require a brief screening call with the group facilitator before being admitted.
  • Clients may access as many groups as they wish, as space and availability allows.
  • Click here for a list of current support groups being offered.


  • Workshops are single events aimed to provide peer support space, explore an educational topic, or teach a new skill. Workshop events are held on a drop-in basis and do not require a prior screening call.
  • Clients may access as many workshops as they wish, as space and availability allows.
  • Click here for a list of current workshops being offered.

One-Time Sessions

  • We offer one-time appointments with our trauma therapists to provide emotional support and more information about our services. To be contacted by a therapist within 24-business hours for an appointment, please fill out this form.

Medical Advocacy
You have options for medical care. This includes evidence collection; preventative treatment for STIs, HIV, and pregnancy; and treatment for injuries. Click here to learn about our 24-hour telephone advocacy to survivors in our partner hospitals or to learn how to access medical care without visiting a hospital. Advocacy services are available in English and Spanish.

Legal Advocacy
Survivors have a variety of legal options available to them after a sexual assault.  Whether you need information and assistance regarding reporting to law enforcement, navigating your personal safety or how sexual assault has impacted your status as an employee, student or immigrant we are here to help. Legal advocacy services are available remotely by contacting 312-443-9603 or contact us here. Advocacy services are available in English and Spanish.

For information on legal options available to you please click here.

For information about a Civil No Contact Order (an enforceable court order that prohibits further contact by the person who harmed you), visit our YouTube channel at:

During or after receiving services, many survivors express an interest in wanting to stay involved with Resilience in some way.

If you want to continue to experience a sense of having a community where you are understood and supported, want to “pay it forward” by helping other survivors, or you just want to add your voice to the fight to end sexual violence in big or small, private or public ways, Survivor Engagement Committee might be for you. You do not have to be a current or former Resilience client to participate. Survivor Engagement Committee is open to all survivors. Click here to learn more about Survivor Engagement Committee.

Need Immediate Help?

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline: 1-888-293-2080 RAINN Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE


What is a an Advocate?

Navigating medical and legal systems during a crisis can feel overwhelming on your own. But you’re not alone. Advocates are your guides. They provide information and non-judgmental support throughout the process, including the emergency medical examination, evidence collection, police reports and court hearings. Services are confidential.

Crisis Intervention

Resilience provides in-person crisis response to survivors at 14 hospital emergency departments across the city.  During this confusing time, advocates help navigate hospital and police systems, provide information and emotional support, and take care of immediate needs such as clothing. They explain the rape kit, legal options, and survivor’s rights under Illinois’ Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act (SASETA).

Legal Advocacy

Every step of the way, after the ER to court, we will advocate for you, and liaison with law enforcement and prosecutors.  Navigating the criminal justice system can be overwhelming, and no victim should be alone during what can often be a lengthy process.

Medical Advocacy

From the initial medical examination through on-going care, it’s reassuring to have an advocate by your side. They can answer questions about treatment, go on doctor visits, and make sure you don’t get billed for medical services that are covered by law.


Where There’s Support, There’s Hope

The trauma of being sexually assaulted goes far beyond the event itself. On the journey to becoming a survivor, it’s ok to ask for help. Resilience can help guide the healing process. Free and confidential counseling is provided by professional counselors to survivors of sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and incest.

Individual Counseling

Survivors can receive individual counseling at Resilience’s Central (downtown) office or at the satellite offices located in the Austin community or the Northside.

Family Counseling

Couples and family counseling for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. Specialized counselors are available for adolescent survivors.

Support Groups

You are not alone. There are others that share a common experience. Support groups bring together survivors to help facilitate the recovery and healing process.

Schedule an Appointment

To learn more about our counseling services, or to schedule an appointment, call the Resilience Central Office at 312-443-9603.


Promoting Empowerment and Positive Social Change

Simply starting a conversation about sexual and gender-based violence can help. By changing attitudes towards survivors and public perceptions about rape, we can improve the lives of survivors as a group. Through institutional and social advocacy, there’s hope for a world free of sexual violence.

Trainings for Professionals

How a victim is treated in the immediate aftermath of a rape is critical to their healing process. Interactions with hospital personnel and police can be especially stressful, and the response that educators and social service professionals have can be equally impactful. To ensure survivors get fair treatment and non-judgmental support, it’s important that those that work directly with survivors have the right training.


Resilience Central Office

All of our programs and services are available through our downtown location, including Legal and Medical Advocacy, Counseling, Education & Training, and volunteer services. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call 312-443-9603 or send an email to

Resilience Central Office - 180 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60601

Austin Community Office

4909 West Division Street Suite 407 Chicago, IL 60651

Counseling and advocacy services to meet the needs of survivors and their loved ones in Chicago’s Austin Community.

John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital

1901 West Harrison Street Room 1699 Chicago , IL 60612

Through our partnership, we provide a wide range of services to the hospital’s inpatient and outpatient population. Our Stroger satellite office also serves the Illinois Medical District.

YWCA Medical District Center

1340 South Damen Ave, Mezzanine Suite C Chicago, IL 60608, USA

The Children’s Legal & Medical Advocate specializes in providing advocacy services to children and adolescents and their loved ones throughout the medical and criminal justice processes.

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