Prevention Education

Participants in prevention education workshops learn how to identify elements of rape culture, identify and reduce risk factors, and become agents of change within their own communities. Resilience offers prevention education workshops to both youth and adults.

Workshop participants include:

  • Students in elementary school through college
  • Adolescents in after-school and other youth development program
  • Adult and youth groups at social service agencies
  • Parents, guardians, and caretakers

Click here to request a youth prevention education workshop.

Public Education

Public education gives community members more awareness of issues relating to sexual violence.  Information covered in public education workshops includes:

  • Sexual assault statistics
  • Cultural beliefs and practices that have normalized or promoted sexual violence (rape culture)
  • Legal rights of victims
  • Resources for survivors of sexual violence
  • Tools and techniques for supporting a survivor

Resilience’s educators work with many different participants, including:

  • Schools and youth development programs
  • Civic and community organizations
  • Faith Communities
  • Media

Professional Training

With over 40 years of experience, Resilience is well suited to provide professional training to enhance knowledge of sexual assault, its impact on victims, and resources for survivors of sexual violence. Audiences for professional trainings include:

  • Graduate students, especially in law, medicine, or social work
  • Social workers and health professionals
  • Volunteers and staff at domestic violence organizations, transitional living facilities, child welfare agencies, and other social service organizations
  • School faculty and administrators
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Leaders of faith communities
  • Confidential Advisors, as mandated by the Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act

Click here for a full list of professional trainings.

Contact us at (312) 443-9603 or via email to learn more about Resilience’s Education and Training programs or to schedule a workshop.

Corporate Engagement

Whether your company is a small to mid-sized business or a large corporation, Resilience can help you develop and execute strategies to engage your team in local philanthropy that supports your company values and community interests.  Click here to learn more about how Resilience can work with your organization.

Social Justice Activism

Resilience believes that ending sexual violence involves multi-faceted approaches including activism focused on changing social norms that reinforce rape culture.

Learn more about our Our Music My Body Campaign here.

“Thank you. I wholeheartedly came in believing that I would sit in my chair, bored, for 90 minutes, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was one of the best, most engaging, informative, interesting, helpful, and honest presentations that I have had the pleasure of attending. Thank you.”



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