Join other adult survivors of sexual assault or sexual abuse to learn how Reiki can support your trauma healing journey. Participants will become attuned to/trained in Reiki Level I in order to provide themselves Reiki inside and outside of group. Participants will share their experiences of how Reiki is assisting their trauma healing journey. Participants will also receive some psychoeducation in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles.

When: March 19 – May 21
Mondays, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: RVA’s Northside Office
1945 W. Wilson Ave. Suite 6110
Chicago, IL 60640

For more information or to schedule an intake interview, please contact Courtney Cobbs, MSW & Reiki Master Teacher at (773) 275-8340 ext. 321 or

Download the group flyer here.