Annual Giving Campaign 2021


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Kaite’s Story

One night, after going out with some friends to celebrate taking the bar exam, Kaite woke up in a stranger’s room, with no clothes on, and with no idea what had just happened. After going to the hospital, she learned that she had been drugged and sexually assaulted. Kaite says that her life was turned upside-down. Even though she had a law degree and her friend who was a prosecutor was with her in the ER, in those first moments after being raped, she had no idea what to do.

The one person Kaite recalls who did know what to do, and who didn’t make her feel judged or second-guessed was the advocate from Resilience who met her at the ER and stayed with her the whole time. This advocate made sure everyone else helped Kaite without adding to her trauma.

That’s why Resilience is here: so that no survivor, anywhere in the Chicagoland area, ever has to feel alone during one of the darkest moments of their lives.

While the details of Kaite’s story are unique to her, there are many sentiments that we hear time and time again from survivors. Feelings of shame, confusion, and judgment are so often present for survivors after an assault. Resilience provides the programs that we do (Legal and Medical Advocacy, Trauma Therapy, and Education and Training) so that survivors know that they do not have to deal with this aftermath alone. There are people and resources here available to them to navigate their healing journey with as much support and care as possible. Kaite would not have met her advocate in the E.R. that day if Resilience’s Advocacy Services did not exist. Thanks to our supporters, our advocates are available when needed, all day every day, in hospitals across the city. This wouldn’t be possible without your support and generosity.

While a year ago we were so eager to be ending what was an exceptionally challenging year, in many ways, those same challenges have continued and carried over into 2021 as well. While we remain hopeful that things will get even closer to “back to normal” this next year, we also have to stay prepared and ready to adjust to our changing world, no matter what the future holds. It has continued to be a journey of resilience, not only for survivors but for everyone all over the world enduring this pandemic. Resilience’s programs all had to pivot and get creative in finding new ways to safely continue providing vital services. With the help of our generous and dedicated community of supporters, we will be able to continue doing just that.

There truly is no gift that is too small. We understand that a donation may not be possible for some at this time, and we thank you for your support in any and all forms that it may come in! Whether you volunteer your time, encourage your networks to get involved in our work, or share our messages on social media, every action is appreciated and comes together to make our annual giving campaign a success. Can you support survivors today by donating today?

Three survivors and Resilience supporters shared their stories of their own personal journey of resilience. Watch the video below to learn more about how your support impacts these people, and just how resilient survivors truly are.



Giving Tuesday 2021

GivingTuesday is the international day of generosity happening on November 30, 2021. GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past 9 years, this idea has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Want to support survivors this Giving Tuesday? There are many ways to get involved.


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