Men in the Movement series (MITM) will sponsor a Bystander Intervention workshop, led by the People’s Response Team (PRT).

Tuesday, August 28, 6pm-8pm

Location: 180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 610


Registration not required.

Folks of all genders are welcome to attend. Resilience is a survivor-centered organization, so we ask that perpetrators of violence please contact us for referrals rather than attend the discussion.

MITM is a discussion series that focuses on men’s responsibility in the anti-rape movement. Our discussions are focused on a variety of elements related to masculinity (e.g. pornography, parenting, even capitalism!) and styled in a casual and engaging format. The discussions create space for internal reflection as well as external activism and are held almost every month.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Education & Training Lillian Cartwright.



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