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We’re disappointed and disgusted with the news from the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, ending our constitutional right to abortion. This is a massive regression of progress that generations have fought tirelessly for. Millions of people will lose access to abortion care, not only impacting those individuals, their families, and communities but our entire country. We will feel the ripple effect of this decision’s consequences deeply. This is a setback for all of us: for survivors, for our community, and for each of us who support a society in which a person has autonomy over their own body.

Abortion access and sexual violence are intrinsicly linked, and losing access to abortion can compound the trauma of sexual assault.  The violation of being assaulted combined with the legal necessity to carry the baby to term can create lasting damage both mentally and physically.  We owe it to survivors to fight for reproductive rights.

Resilience will continue to stand with those courageously fighting on the frontlines for bodily autonomy. We will always trust people to make decisions about their own bodies. We will fight for access to abortion for everyone. Resilience is proudly pro-choice and will continue to provide our clients with options regarding reproductive health if they so choose.

We are proud to say that Illinois is a save haven state for abortion, and Resilience will do whatever it can to help connect our clients to safe, legal abortions.  Our Medical Advocacy services are available to help survivors and their loved ones with care.

Abortion Resources

Planned Parenthood: Information about abortion

Planned Parenthood: Is it still legal for me to get an abortion?

Chicago Abortion Fund:  Resources for before your abortion

Chicago Abortion Fund:  Resources for after your abortion

Women’s Health Magazine: What to expect when considering an abortion

Additional Resources Flyer

Are you outside of Illinois and want to know your abortion rights in a post-Roe v. Wade environment?  This state-by-state guide has the most up to date information about abortion laws.

Abortion Support Organizations

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