We Are Resilience


After 44 years as Rape Victim Advocates, our name has changed.

Our new name honors survivors, and the staff and volunteers who work with them.


Stand with Survivors


For sexual violence survivors to get the support they need, and
for our communities to respond with compassion, it takes all of us.


Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


Through open and honest conversations with children, parents and
caregivers have the ability to help prevent harmful sexual experiences.


Medical and Legal Advocacy


Resilience supports survivors of sexual violence with medical and legal advocacy.


Get Involved

Support Resilience Today.

“This is a time for us to seize the moment. We need everyone doing all they can, at capacity, to move the needle around ending sexual violence. And we can do that work if we’re committed to doing it together. That is how we make the biggest impact.”

–Tarana Burke, 2018 Resilience Evening of Impact

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Every year Resilience provides free crisis intervention, advocacy, and counseling to hundreds of survivors and their significant others. Volunteers make it all possible.

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Need Immediate Help?

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline: 1-888-293-2080
RAINN Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

Programs & Services

Regardless of when and where a survivor’s journey begins—in the ER following an assault, or through a phone call for help to make sense of something that happened 20 years ago—Resilience is here every step of the way.

What you need to know


Come together with other advocates and survivors working to end sexual violence. From galas to demonstrations, show your support by attending a Resilience event.

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Myths & Facts

Did you know that a great deal of harm is done, often unintentionally, to survivors because the people around them believe the myths that surround rape and sexual violence?

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Professional Training Resources

Research shows providers’ responses can be critical in shaping the course of healing for survivors. Resilience provides resources and tools to professionals to improve the care of sexual assault survivors.

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Resilience is an Illinois not-for-profit organization made up of many individuals with two primary goals: to assure that survivors of sexual assault are treated
with dignity and compassion; and to effect changes in the way the legal system, medical institutions and society as a whole respond to survivors.