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Interview with Emma Gonzalez

This year, we’re continuing to celebrate the people who make #OurResilience possible and telling the stories of some of our incredible clients, staff, volunteers, and supporters. It is more important now than ever to embrace and celebrate what connects us: our resilience. This month, we’re proudly shining a spotlight on Emma Gonzalez, Senior Prevention Educator at Resilience.

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Resilience in the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune recently posted an article entitled, “Date rapes are hard to investigate and prosecute. A new Illinois bill would more clearly define consent in these cases.”  This article featured Resilience directors Sarah Layden and Mariá Balata, experts in this field.  You can read the full article here.

Women of Color Support Group

This is a closed 8-week virtual support group that will be a space for survivors of sexual violence who self-identify as women of color to learn healthy coping skills to be able to navigate through the effects of trauma, and how intersectionality and culture may make it difficult to navigate healing due to factors such as systemic racism, lack of access to appropriate mental health care, etc. In this group, we will not process traumatic details of a sexual assault, rather support one another through empowerment, empathy, and a feminist-multicultural approach to therapy.  Continue reading “Women of Color Support Group” »

Interview with Tom Andreesen

This year, we’re continuing to celebrate the people who make #OurResilience possible and telling the stories of some of our incredible clients, staff, volunteers, and supporters. It is more important now than ever to embrace and celebrate what connects us: our resilience. This month, we’re proudly shining a spotlight on our President of Resilience’s Board of Directors.

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Women’s Support Group

This virtual support group is for women survivors ages 18+.  We welcome all cis, non-binary, and women survivors to join us in this group space to process your experiences with sexual violence on romantic relationships and intimacy.  Survivors will have the opportunity to choose topics relating to relationships after experiencing sexual violence.  This group will provide survivors a safe space to share experiences, learn, and heal.  The group will be facilitated by Alexa Diego and Allison O’Neill.
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Open Art Studio Care Space

Take care of yourself and connect with others during Sexual Assault Awareness Month by dropping-in to an Open Art Studio Care Space. This 3-week virtual series is open to adult survivors of sexual violence and allies 18+, all genders welcome. Bring your creative ideas, share your progress on an ongoing art piece, start a new project, or take a pause. Self-directed artwork is encouraged with prompts and support provided upon request.

Participants will use any items and materials that can be gathered on your own such as paper, magazines for collage, pens, markers, and more. Survivors and allies are welcome to join the care space for one session or all three, for the full two-hour studio time or partial time, as your schedule allows. Facilitated by Annalise Castro, Jordan Ferranto, LCPC, ATR, Victoria Herrera, and Lauren Milburn, LPC, R-DMT.
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Howard Brown Health Expands Access to Medical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors

Resilience is proud to announce a new partnership with Howard Brown Health to expand access to forensic exams, colloquially known as rape kits, at their North and South Side clinics. This new partnership is a result of months of legislative effort in collaboration with the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) and Howard Brown to amend the legislation that governs who can provide forensic exams to sexual assault victims. It is the first time that access to these exams will be available to adult survivors outside of hospitals, a setting that many survivors have avoided during the current pandemic. In response to COVID-19, the option to access medical care and forensic exam at Howard Brown will be available until June 30, 2021. We are honored to collaborate with Howard Brown who is one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ organizations. Our hope that is this remedy will not only provide an option for those who fear going into a hospital but also offer safer spaces for LGBTQ+ survivors. Read Howard Brown’s press release here.

Interview with Kate Lawler

Kate Lawler is the Director of the Pathways Program at Swedish Hospital now part of NorthShoreThe Pathways Program was developed to strengthen the hospital’s ability to identify and assist patients who are survivors of interpersonal violence. Pathways has served more than 1,800 survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking since 2015. Resilience is proud to partner with Swedish Hospital. 

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Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series 2

Join us for a special and thought-provoking conversation with survivor, activist, advocate, lobbyist, nurse, and mother Brenda Tracy during our second Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series event. Brenda travels the country speaking to university students, athletes and various organizations to raise awareness regarding sexual violence and to share her story of courage, hope, and resilience.  For more information about Brenda, please visit her website.
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Interview with Kyra Jones

Kyra Jones is a former Resilience volunteer, filmmaker, artist, advocate and educator. She is currently the Assistant Director of Sexual Violence Response Services and Advocacy at Northwestern University. Resilience spoke with Kyra about her career in sexual violence prevention, the upcoming film she is writing, directing, and producing, and how she combines her passions for filmmaking and sexual assault advocacy.

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