Erin Walton Interviewed on WGN

In a video that aired on WGN on July 2, 2019, Executive Director Erin Walton was interviewed about how to talk to kids and summer camp staff about preventing sexual violence. Click here to watch the full interview and read Resilience’s tips.

Sarah Layden Interviewed by CBS

In a video published by CBS on May 21, 2019, Director of Programs and Public Policy Sarah Layden commented on the 6% arrest rate for criminal sexual assault cases, as well as survivors’ experience working with law enforcement.

Maggie Arthur Interviewed in UPROXX

In an article published in UPROXX on May 15, 2019, Prevention Educator Maggie Arthur was interviewed about her work for OurMusicMyBody, a collaborative campaign between Resilience and Between Friends to promote consensual music experiences.

Standing Silent Witness 2019 on WBBM

In an article published by WMMB News Radio on April 26, 2019, survivors of sexual violence were interviewed at Standing Silent Witness demonstration. Standing Silent Witness is Resilience’s signature Sexual Assault Awareness Month event, where nearly 200...
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