Men in the Movement (MITM) is an open discussion series that focuses on men’s responsibility in the anti-rape movement.  Our discussions are focused on a variety of elements related to masculinity and styled in a casual and engaging format. The discussions create space for internal reflection as well as external activism.

Wednesday, October 18th @ RVA from 6:00-8:00pm

Gender-Based Microaggressions
Microaggressions are the tiny acts of bigotry that women, people of color, and other groups face every day. From manspreading on public transit to joking about rape, microaggressions consolidate power around a few people and force everyone else to cope or leave. Please join MITM as we discuss how we have experienced microaggressions, how we choose to confront them, and how we can use them as a roadmap to a better future. Refreshments served! Wheelchair accessible.

Thursday, November 16th @ Cup & Spoon from 6:00-8:00pm

Organized Misogyny: Anti-feminism in Activist Circles
What do you do when the man with the Feminist T-shirt interrupts you? What about when the organizer of a protest is exposed as a rapist? In a time of great political change and social injustice, we would like to know how people tackle anti-feminism within activist communities. Please join us for this discussion at Cup & Spoon! The café is wheelchair accessible.

Wednesday, December 6th @ RVA from 6:00-8:00pm

Sex Positivity & Masculinity
How can we encourage men to be embrace their sexuality without encouraging sexual violence? Does a masculine sex exist without domination? Please join MITM in welcoming Willy LaQueue, boylesque star, for a fascinating conversation about masculinity and sex positivity. Refreshments served! Wheelchair accessible.

Folks of all genders are welcome to attend. RVA is a survivor-centered organization, so we ask that perpetrators of violence please contact us for referrals rather than attend discussions.

If you have any questions or are interested in bringing a future topic to MITM, please contact Brendan at or Kat at

Click here to download the event series flyer.

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