Rebellious Magazine spoke with Erin Walton, executive director of Resilience, to learn more about our name change.

Below is an excerpt; read the full article here.

It’s rare for an organization that has been around as long as Resilience to choose a new name. Was it a difficult process to come to a consensus about this decision?

Change rarely, if ever, comes without challenge. For us, this was nearly a year-long process.

Once it was decided a change had to be made, how was the rebranding accomplished?

We began with a task force of stakeholders that formed to lead the effort. We reached out to our community partners and friends and ultimately selected a marketing partner that we felt comprehended our mission and vision and could help us articulate our brand in a fresh new way.

Why the name Resilience?

Healing and empowerment from sexual violence is an ongoing journey, with no predetermined time or state of closure. Our new name honors that journey and the strength of those on their path of recovery. Resilience is strength, resolve and determination. It is the resilience of those we serve, in the face of adversity, that inspires us. 

Erin Walton, Rebellious, Rebrand

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