Excerpt: The response from Hollywood stars to everyday people was, both, overwhelming and eye-opening to many.

“My first thought was, how brave,” said Megan Blomquist, who works with victims through the Chicago organization Rape Victim Advocates. “When you see someone else raising their voice, putting themselves out there that this has happened, I think it’s natural to feel a little bit more comfortable doing the same thing.”

Blomquist shared her own story on Facebook, as did her colleague, Brendan Yukins.

“I made the post but I chose not to do sort of a paragraph explanation because I felt like I wanted to add my survivorship, but not necessarily take up more space with my story,” Yukins said.

Yukins says the more people talk about it, the more it helps victims and survivors. “If people are able to look online and see that a lot of other people have the same experience, they’re less likely to victim blame themselves and internalize it and say this is my fault for what happened — that I’m different or I’m weird.”

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