Resilience is supporting HB 92, House Amendment 001, which allows a person with an outstanding warrant for a non-violent crime to report sexual assault against them or seek medical treatment for that assault without concern of being arrested for the alleged non-violent crime. The individual will not be arrested but will receive a notice to appear in court instead. This bill empowers law enforcement officers to treat survivors in a respectful, trauma-informed manner. When survivors report sexual assault or seek medical services and evidence collection for sexual assault, being arrested and restrained is likely to re-traumatize them and make them feel like a criminal when they are the victim.

Please use this link to submit a witness slip and select “Proponent” and “Record of Appearance Only”

If you have 5 more minutes, please check to see if your representative is on the Committee and if so call to ask them to support the bill. Here is a link to the Committee members:

Read the HB 92 Fact Sheet here.

HB 92, House Amendment 1, Public Policy, Witness Slip

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