Are you a professional that works with survivors of trauma? Looking for training on trauma-informed care?

Join us for Understanding Trauma Response: Foundational Knowledge for Service Providers!

This introductory training is designed for a range of professionals who work or interact with survivors of trauma. Participants will learn the basics of trauma-response including how the brain and the body respond to traumatic events, the influence of traumatic events on memory and emotional and behavior responses, and the approaches needed to work with trauma survivors. An interactive review of case studies will be used to support skill-building and increasing capacity to provide trauma-informed care.

The Resilience Training Institute now offers sliding scale pricing on our specialized trainings! The price to register is determined by your income level or student status. Resilience knows that trainings are expensive and budgets are limited and we are committed to making our offerings more equitable, accessible, and inclusive. We hope you can join us!

Please click here to register.

Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma Flyer

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