We’re so pleased to welcome our inaugural Resilience Associate Board and our 2020 Associate Board President Alicia Babich! We interviewed Alicia about her connection to the Resilience mission, her vision, and her new role as Associate Board President. Keep reading to learn more about Alicia and click here to read more about the Associate Board.

Alicia Babich, 2020 Associate Board President

Why does our mission matter to you?

ALICIA: Resilience champions sexual assault prevention and awareness via efforts to expose rape myths, remove stigmas, and end rape and rape culture. If you seek an inclusive society, promote authentic and safe workplaces, support total mind and body healing and wellness for all, you support Resilience.

What about Resilience are you proudest of?

ALICIA: I am proudest of the network of 300+ volunteer medical advocates providing legal and medical advocacy as well as crisis counseling face-to-face with survivors every┬áday. Without this groundswell of up-close, in-person, tangible activism, our reach would be choked. Volunteers are Resilience’s most valuable asset.

Why did you decide to serve as Associate Board President?

ALICIA: I accepted the opportunity because the Associate Board is faced with a blank canvas and no precedent for the quality and sheer quantity of activism it can provide. I am yearning to help set that bar.

What are you most looking forward to doing with Resilience as you begin your term as Associate Board President?

ALICIA: I’m most eager to smash the fundraising and outreach expectations any current leadership have for the Associate Board. To do so would provide our members with additional leeway to shape vision, execute mission, and identify opportunities beyond those expectations to continue to work toward ending rape culture. I’d like us all to wonder how we ever functioned without this additional support, and open up more and more space for others to get meaningfully involved.

What do you find compelling about the current anti-rape movement? Where do you think Resilience fits in?

ALICIA: Resilience bridges the gap between the academic study of the anti-rape movement and the tangible progress forward. It’s one thing to talk about catalysts for change. It’s another to belong to an organization that is one.

Alicia Babich, Associate Board

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