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Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series 2

Join us for a special and thought-provoking conversation with survivor, activist, advocate, lobbyist, nurse, and mother Brenda Tracy during our second Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series event. Brenda travels the country speaking to university students, athletes and various organizations to raise awareness regarding sexual violence and to share her story of courage, hope, and resilience.  For more information about Brenda, please visit her website.
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Interview with Kyra Jones

Kyra Jones is a former Resilience volunteer, filmmaker, artist, advocate and educator. She is currently the Assistant Director of Sexual Violence Response Services and Advocacy at Northwestern University. Resilience spoke with Kyra about her career in sexual violence prevention, the upcoming film she is writing, directing, and producing, and how she combines her passions for filmmaking and sexual assault advocacy.

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Sheltering in an Unsafe Place

Since the city was ordered to shelter in place, rape crisis and domestic violence centers have seen an influx of calls for support. This workshop will guide participants through several scenarios to help them understand how the trauma response shows up in the virtual classroom. More importantly, participants will leave with resources to help young people in need find a path to safety.
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Dinner Table Dialogues – Kickoff Meeting

We’re so excited to introduce a new initiative with you – Dinner Table Dialogues, founded by Jean Cozier, a major Resilience donor and founder of Awakenings, a non-profit dedicated to making visible the artistic endeavors of survivors of sexual violence. Dinner Table Dialogues will bring together passionate, active supporters who are interested in using their voices and platforms to bring a greater awareness of the impact of sexual violence on our culture.
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A Grounding Space: Aligning With Inner Peace

Have you been feeling unsettled recently? Us too. Resilience invites you to an hourlong virtual gathering focused on self-care practice. We aim to create a trauma-informed, re-centering space for our community members, survivors of violence and their loved ones. Join us on Tuesday January 19 from 12-1 PM for an open discussion on tangible coping skills, breathing and stretching techniques, and some guided meditation. Please wear loose clothing, if possible, for movement activities.
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Drop-In Support Group for SANE Nurses

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners continue to care for survivors of sexual assault while also battling the COVID-19 public health crisis on the front lines. Beginning January 11, 2021, the Resilience trauma therapy team will be facilitating a space for SANE nurses to seek out support from one another and from our specially trained staff about these experiences in the ER. These sessions are open to all sexual assault nurses working in Illinois hospitals impacted by COVID-19. Continue reading “Drop-In Support Group for SANE Nurses” »

Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series

We are pleased to introduce our new Celebrating Resilience Speaker Series where inspiring and influential community figures share their insights on important topics. In our inaugural event, we invite you to join Resilience Board member Dr. Crystal Clark for a discussion on mental health, wellness, and learning to be resilient in our current environment in the first of our brand new virtual Resilience Speaker Series events.
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PSVHE Training

Resilience is conducting a training for Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education.  This training will provide an in-depth look at identifying and understanding sexual and intimate partner violence, stalking, and domestic violence.  Participants will explore the impact of trauma and trauma responses, as well as legal and medical options for survivors.

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