Resilience Survivor Activism Opportunities

Resilience seeks to engage survivors of sexual violence in being active agents of change against rape culture. We connect survivors with activism and storytelling opportunities and provide support for empowered decision making about those options. We recognize the importance of centering survivors’ voices in the cultural narrative about sexual violence as well as the healing power of survivors reclaiming their own narratives.

If you want to add your voice to the fight to end sexual violence in big or small, private or public ways, here are opportunities for you.

  • Participate in Media Interviews (news, radio, survivor testimonies) Note: you can share as little or as much as you would like. Identity can be kept private.
  • Public speaking at awareness and fundraising events (speaking at Resilience annual fundraiser or a Take Back the Night rally)
  • Amplify Chicago-area/Illinois policy or legislative advocacy
  • Host my own fundraising event
  • Support a Resilience hosted fundraising event (i.e. volunteering with event planning or participating on a host committee)
  • Sharing a written or spoken testimonial on your experience as a client of Resilience
  • Participating in Sexual Assault Awareness Month event planning
  • Attending a Resilience workshop on sharing my experience of sexual violence in public forums

If you would like to sign up when these opportunities are available please fill out the form linked here.

Other Survivor Activism Opportunities: