Our Staff

DeVona Alleyne

Trauma Therapist

Grissel Blackmon

Senior Legal & Medical Advocate

Lillian Cartwright

Director of Education & Training

Sidoni Gonzalez

Supervisor of Advocacy Services

Erica Hungerford

Office Manager

Sarah Layden

Director of Programs & Public Policy

Amy O’Keeffe

Director of Development

Jessica Salgado

Youth Educator & Counselor

Candice Tindell

Training & Outreach Coordinator

Amarin Young

Marketing and Communications Associate

Maggie Arthur

Prevention Educator

Brittny Blackwood

Advocacy Volunteer Coordinator

Jasmin Cervantes

Legal & Medical Advocate

Jordan Ferranto

Trauma Therapist

Rachel Hastings

Legal & Medical Advocate

Leah Hungerford

Director of Finance & Administration

Reneé Miranda-Beristain

Trauma Therapist & Clinical Intern Supervisor

Erandi Oregel

Legal Advocate

Carolina Sánchez

Children’s Legal & Medical Advocate; Legal Advocacy Intern Supervisor

Erin Walton

Executive Director

Mariá Balata

Director of Advocacy Services

Courtney Cobbs

Trauma Therapist

Alyssa Garback

Legal & Medical Advocate

Bianca Herrera

Case Management Specialist

Elexys Isidore

Legal & Medical Advocate

Dr. LaShanda Nalls

Director of Trauma Therapy

Valerie Papillon

Trauma Therapist

Daniella Sánchez

UIC Legal & Medical Advocate

Blaine Washington

Trauma Therapist