Resilience Staff

Meet the staff at Resilience.  Dedicated to empowering survivors, education, and support.

Executive Leadership

Donna Jacobson
Executive Director

Sarah Layden
Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Hamer
Director of Human Resources


Chris Hammond
Director of Administrative Services

Advancement & Communications Department

Dr. Jennifer Zale
Events & Special Projects Manager

LaQuita Hearn-Quinn
Advancement Coordinator

Communications Manager

Jill Furey
Part Time Grant Writer

Resilience Programs Staff

Alexandra Burrell
Programs Assistant

Free Trauma Therapy and Workshops

Dr. LaShanda Nalls-Edwards
Director of Trauma Therapy

Alexa Diego
Trauma Intervention Specialist

Katie Kirshenbaum, LSW
Trauma Therapist

Annalise Castro
Trauma Therapist

Reneé Miranda-Beristain
Trauma Therapist & Clinical Intern Supervisor

Erica Hungerford
Trauma Therapist

Gabrielle Molden
Trauma Therapist (Austin)

Free Crisis Services

McKenna Rogan
Director of Crisis Services

Sandra Cortez
Case Management Specialist

Alex Martinez
Case Management Specialist

Advocacy Volunteer Supervisor

Taryn Smith
Crisis Services Supervisor

Free Legal and Medical Advocacy Services

Carolina Sánchez
Director of Advocacy Services

Sam Bermudez
Legal & Medical Advocate, MDT

LaCovia Harper
Legal & Medical Advocate


Yazmin Garcia
Legal & Medical Advocate, MDT

Brittany Handler
Legal & Medical Advocate

Legal & Medical Advocate

Alondra Guzman
Children’s Legal & Medical Advocate

Stephanie Waller
Supervisor of Advocacy Services


Education and Training

Michael Roy
Director of Education and Training

Jonathan Van De Loo
Prevention Educator

Kae Vecchia-Zeitz
Prevention Educator

Training and Outreach Manager