Dear Friend of Rape Victim Advocates,

I am a survivor of childhood molestation and rape. As a child I was molested for years by a trusted family member. As an adult a was raped by a boyfriend and his friend.

Coretta DixonFor more than 20 years I could not discuss the personal impacts of my traumas. I went through life with low self-esteem, frustration and feelings of guilt. I lacked self-confidence, clarity and had a slew of unhealthy relationships.

One day things got so tough, I attempted to take my life. That was my breaking point. I did not know what I needed, but I knew life had to be better than the way I was living. There had to be a life with more meaning, love and peace.  I knew I needed a change, so I took a first step and started attending a support group and through that group I learned about RVA. RVA sounded like a better fit for my experiences so I reached out to them.

While working with RVA, I was provided the tools and resources I needed to properly heal from my traumas. As I began to work through my emotions I started to take my power back. Because of this, an entirely new world opened up for me. My eyes and soul could finally see the life I was designed to live. I felt confident, empowered, encouraged and finally in control of my life. The baggage I had been carrying for years was finally released. I was free to live without boundaries, face my fears and take risks in ways I had never done before. As a survivor who now chooses to thrive, I know that none of this would have been possible without RVA.

Through RVA, I have:

  • Built confidence
  • Gained clarity, meaning and fulfillment for my life
  • Built stronger, healthier relationships

A part of my own healing is to support others. I coach those who are currently going through healing work by sharing my own experiences. I have published, a website that promotes healing and a blog that discusses everyday living and ways to thrive as a survivor. And I have participated as a panelist for the RVA Speak the Truth event to share my story with the other survivors that are going through the healing process.

None of this would be possible without the support of RVA. I am forever grateful for them introducing me to a better way of living and loving myself. To the donors, I am forever grateful to you for supporting this life changing organization. Without you, the new me would not be possible.

Coretta Dixon

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