Researchers in Chicago and Los Angeles are conducting a study through California State University–Northridge about survivors of unwanted sexual experiences whose work or employment was affected (directly or indirectly) by their experience. Please keep reading to learn more about who is eligible to participate and how to participate if you are interested:

Specifically, the study will explore survivors’ decision to disclose (or not) to someone in their workplace, the support received upon disclosure, and how this affected their feelings about their workplace and recovery. This research will be used to understand how places of employment can better support their employees who have had these types of experiences.

The survey is completed online and offered in both Spanish and English languages. To participate, participants need to be age 18 or older and be a survivor of an unwanted sexual experience that has somehow affected their work or employment, either directly or indirectly. Survivors are eligible to participate regardless of whether the unwanted sexual experience occurred inside or outside of the workplace. Participants will be provided with support service referrals and offered the opportunity to enter in a raffle to win one of twenty Visa gift cards in the amount of $25.00 each. This research is completely volunteer and confidential. This study has been approved by the California State University’s Institutional Review Board.

Please feel free to contact lead researcher Dr. Katherine Lorenz at 818-677-5192 or with any questions about this study. Click here to download the flyer in English. Click here to download the flyer in Spanish.

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