In honor of Resilience’s 45th anniversary and our theme “Celebrating Resilience,” we’re celebrating the people who make #OurResilience possible and telling the stories of some of our biggest supporters. This month we’re celebrating the donors who partner with us to help us achieve our vision of a world free of sexual violence for everyone. Supporting Resilience since 2000 (19 years and counting!), Jean Cozier is one of Resilience’s most important donors and supporters. Watch the full video below or click this link to watch the video on YouTube.


[Text frame that says “Meet Jean Cozier, donor since 2000”]

My name is Jean Cozier. I am a writer, a musician, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

[Text frame that says “Why do you give to Resilience?”]

It was more a matter of finding organizations that worked on the mission. I set up a donor advised fund at the Chicago Community Trust in 1998. And with their help, I was looking for organizations that counseled sexual abuse survivors. I knew of Resilience already myself. So, I didn’t have to look too far. But again, it was a matter of looking for organizations that were working the mission.

I have never been uninvolved. I never will be uninvolved. My work has taken me down a lot of different roads. But one thing I always wanted to do was support the organizations that were doing all the things that I knew I would never be able to do.

[Text frame that says “Why is it important to support Resilience?”]

You know, when I think about all the things that are available, like art therapy, and, you know, educating educators and all the things that you guys do. I mean, I just wished—I wish—they had made it into my tiny little corner of Northeast Indiana. I’m glad they’re here now. But I worry (laugh), I worry all the time about all the survivors out there that programs aren’t reaching.

[Text frame that says “How can people help survivors?”]

You can give, you can talk about it, you can let people know why you’re doing it. And if they’re one of those people out there that doesn’t know how big the problem is, educate them.

Nobody is unconnected to this.

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