Dear survivors,

I write to you today in solidarity and sadness over the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade. As so many members of our community have expressed in a multitude of ways, this news is deeply disappointing and profoundly harmful. Our community knows that everyone deserves autonomy over their own bodies. Sexual violence survivors, who have already experienced a loss of bodily autonomy now face the possibility of losing it again, compounding this trauma, if denied abortion care. It’s unfair, unjust, and a backslide to a time with fewer rights– rights that were fought for and won by generations before ours. It is a setback for us all. Survivors, we will continue to fight for reproductive rights for you. Resilience will continue to serve in whatever ways are needed for each unique person and situation. We are proudly pro-choice and will continue to connect clients with abortion care if they so choose.

While I’m relieved that Illinois will continue to be a safe haven for abortion care, I remain heartbroken and concerned for the many states surrounding ours that had trigger laws go into effect immediately, or now face the possibility of more restrictions or an outright ban on abortion. I look forward to organizing and unifying with other pro-choice organizations and communities to best support survivors in the future as all of our landscapes change. I hope that you will join us as we transform our despair into action. In the meantime, please do take care of yourself. Resilience is here for you if you need us. Together we will continue the fight for autonomy, survivor-centered care, and choice.

In solidarity,
Lauren Pesa
Resilience Board of Directors