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Dear Readers,

With sexual violence dominating recent headlines, thousands of people are sharing their stories. Whether you are a survivor, a loved one, a trauma worker, or an ally, these headlines can be triggering and extremely upsetting. RVA is feeling the effects of this media coverage as well.

Now more than ever, it is important for us all to stand with survivors. The most important work we do is ensuring no surivor’s voice is left unheard. Use your voice to speak out against sexual violence and help us create a society intolerant of rape.

In solidarity,
Rape Victim Advocates


Upcoming RVA Events

10/26 – Audrie & Daisy Screening and Discussion about the real life experiences of these two girls and what we can do to ensure safe homes and communities for all people.
11/16 – Reiki Clinic is an open space where individuals can come for a free Reiki session from a trauma-informed Reiki practitioner.
11/16 – Men in the Movement, “Harold and Kumar Fight the Patriarchy” focuses on Asian American Masculinity.


RVA in Actionmitm

Men in the Movement is an ongoing discussion series focused on male accountability in the anti-rape movement. This initiative came from a deep need in the feminist and anti-rape movement to include men. Without focusing on issues within masculinity, a future without rape is not possible.

Men in the Movement has evolved over the years – currently, we hold monthly conversations about male accountability, covering a range of topics. People who have participated in Men in the Movement suggest all topics. This fall series addresses disability and sexuality, domestic violence, and Asian-American identity.

RVA News

Volunteer Spotlight

Please join us in congratulating Franki Cottone! Franki has been volunteering with RVA since March of this year. Aside from being a medical advocate, Franki spends time in the office as the Volunteer Management Intern.

We are recognizing Franki for her commitment to the movement and for responding to three hospital calls in the past month. Having come to this work without prior crisis intervention experience, Franki has demonstrated her exceptional crisis counseling and advocacy skills time and time again. Her genuine caring and friendly demeanor has resulted in the unique ability to connect with survivors from various walks of life.

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