Resilience envisions—and demands—a world where all people are supported as equal members of society. Our work to empower survivors and end sexual violence is the work to end white supremacy and anti-Blackness.

Just like murder, sexual violence is a weapon used to maintain white supremacy. They are essential to each other and so often show up in the burden put on Black survivors who are forced to bear both their individual experience of sexual harm and their community’s collective experience of abuse—no one should have to experience that. We commit ourselves to acknowledging and striving to address the fundamental interconnectedness of all forms of systemic violence—an interconnectedness which so forcefully compels us to seek healing, accountability, and justice together with all those protesting conditions that are unbearable at this fatal nexus of oppressions.

Our hearts are with the loved ones of #GeorgeFloyd and the #Minneapolis community grieving his death. We are in solidarity with those on the front lines in Minnesota and across the country demanding that the State stop deploying police as agents of violence in Black communities. After excessive force, sexual violence is the most frequently reported form of police misconduct. From harassment to sexual assault and murder, these everyday acts of terror create a culture of fear, laying siege to the right all people have to safety, autonomy, and life. #BlackLivesMatter