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“It’s never too early to begin educating about consent. Education on consent fosters compassion, empathy, accountability, and respect for others’ boundaries. It provides a framework for helping young people understand that the choices they make, the behaviors and actions they take, affect others. In the same way, it empowers youth to identify and assert their own boundaries in relationships and beyond,” says Lillian Cartwright, Director of Education & Training.

“Youth are bombarded with harmful messaging and misinformation about sex and sexuality in the media, online, among peers, and oftentimes in their own families. Examining what getting consent or giving consent really means–what it looks like, sounds like, feels like–is a powerful mechanism for equipping youth with the knowledge and language needed to protect themselves and prevent harm to others.

When we normalize talking about consent, healthy sexuality, and respecting our partners, we open the door for youth to have those conversations among themselves. Sexual violence breeds in secrecy and silence. Replacing shame, stigma, and confusion, with accurate information, honesty, and openness is critical in preventing further sexual harm.”

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