After 44 years as Rape Victim Advocates (RVA), we saw the need for our name and messaging to better reflect our organization’s breadth of services — from our trauma therapy programs, to our work in medical and legal advocacy, to our prevention education. After months of brand exploration, research and interviews with board members, survivors, and others close to the organization, we are thrilled to come to this new name we feel embodies the future of our organization.

Why a new name change? Why rebrand?

Through rebranding, our objectives are to refine our purpose, expand our visibility in the community and enlarge our vision of tomorrow, all to advance our ultimate goal – empower survivors and end sexual violence. Our rebrand will serve as a catalyst to breathe new life into our steadfast commitment to this goal.

  • RVA has come a long way in 44 years, when our original agenda was to believe and be present for survivors we met in hospital emergency rooms.
  • Today, our services have expanded to address the entire spectrum of sexual violence, from crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling, to prevention education, public awareness and to have impact on public policy.
  • We wanted our brand to encompass the full impact of who we are.

What was the process to decide to rebrand?

  • We embarked on a nearly year-long process.  A rebranding task force was formed to lead this effort.
  • We began by asking our donors, allies and partners their perspective of our mission, our work and our brand.
  • Surveys were sent to nearly 3000 stakeholders and more than 300 responded.  Using the information gained from the surveys RVA made the decision to rebrand and found a marketing and PR partner to lead us through the process.
  • Our partners used the information from the survey, had a few select interviews, did some significant marketing research, and used that data to ultimately make a recommendation for a new name, tagline and logo.

Why the name Resilience?

Resilience is strength, resolve, and determination. It’s a process, an ongoing journey, not a goal or state of closure. We work with our clients, meeting them wherever they are on their path of recovery, to best support them. It is their resilience in the face of adversity that inspires us.

What does the Resilience logo represent?

Our new logo represents the process of recovery and healing, the various stages of the journey from trauma and chaos to a semblance of order. This process is one of ongoing resilience.

For more about our new name, logo, and rebrand process, check out our PR News press release.

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