What do you do with Resilience? I’m a Volunteer Medical Advocate and Mentor to the August 2018 Volunteer Class

Pronouns: She, her, hers

What do you do outside of volunteering? Outside of volunteering, I get to manage the Sales Training & Development department at Groupon, who are 8 amazing people between our Chicago and Phoenix offices. I also love my PS4, running, biking, baking, and dancing.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without? It’s a tie between earbuds and the Gilmore Girls box set. It’s a rare time in my life outside of work when I’m not listening to music or reruns of the series instead. Those women give me life.

What do you wish every survivor could hear? When all of this is over, I’ll still be here, and so will you.

In what ways has sexual assault and crisis intervention training impacted the way you engage with your community? The Resilience community is full of inclusive, patient, warm, observant, accepting, intentional people. Sexual assault and crisis intervention training has brought me  to them. They create space for dialogue, they elevate dialogue, they manage conflict, they manage relationships. Resilience makes me a better person for every other person I get to know.


Thinking about becoming a Resilience Volunteer? Find out more here.

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