Below is a message from Resilience Executive Director Erin Walton, published on June 3, 2020:

As a Black woman, wife and mother I can say that it is an extremely difficult time to be Black in America. Black people account for 72% of COVID-19 deaths in Cook County. During Mental Health Month in May, we saw dozens of videos circulating of Black people being killed by police and ex-police–and guessed at the countless more murders that went undocumented, hidden from justice. In the past few days, we have seen protesters, journalists, and bystanders assaulted, gassed, shot, and even hit by police vehicles during their protests calling for an end to racist police violence.

Resilience was founded over 45 years ago on anti-violence principles. We work to empower lives, speak truth to power and end sexual violence. Resilience stands with the Black community today. While we are devastated by the ongoing violence, we are inspired by all those who are committed to ending it, in any and all of its forms.

Black survivors matter. Resilience will continue to be here for Black survivors and our Black community. If you are in need of support, please call us at 312-443-9603. You are important to us, and your healing matters.

If you are a part of this movement, please know that you have our solidarity and gratitude. Thank you for working to create a world where all people are supported as equal members of society.

Black Lives Matter, Black Survivors Matter, COVID-19, Erin Walton

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