Brian Greenberg


Brian Greenberg is a technology and product leader, Forbes contributor, and member of the Forbes Technology Council. He lives in Chicago and has been working at companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 100 to startups, with extensive international experience in EMEA, including; Japan, Belgium, Egypt, and Indonesia.

In addition to being part of the Adjunct Faculty in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University, Brian is an award-winning CIO & CTO, considered a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and visionary leader, accomplished at strategic planning, process improvement, product development, and reengineering of key business processes. He’s highly successful in achieving financial results through strong customer loyalty and long-term relationships with suppliers and vendors. He achieves business results through the strategic application of technology to business challenges and is grounded in a robust teamwork approach and regarded as a skilled communicator, team builder, and negotiator who maximizes efficiencies and productivity by boosting employee morale and performance.

Brian Greenberg has expertise in digital transformation, automation, turnaround management, security, data storage, and data protection. He is also a storyteller and an improviser in Chicago’s comedy community.

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